Wheat Pennies

wheat-penny-largeWhen I was 6 years old, I got good and mad at my mother. I don’t even remember what I got angry about, but I kept quiet ― either that or she was intransigent on the issue. Whatever the case, I was stuck. So I waited until she and my father were out of the house for the evening, evaded the babysitter, sneaked into their room and raided Mom’s collection of wheat pennies. Continue reading

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When Truth Hurts

Seek TruthThis article has been building inside me for a long time. I have hesitated to write it, since it will touch directly on a subject that has been debated ad nauseum on social media for many years without any meaningful resolution. I suspect that some people actually choose confusion because it justifies a good brawl. My intention here is not to persuade my opponents to switch sides ― only to clarify the issues. Continue reading

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Friendship With God

security-by-david-bowman-8-options-available-6From God to Us

Some would argue that not everyone seeks friendship from God. What about atheists? What about people who just want God to leave them alone to live their lives the way they see fit?

First, I don’t believe anyone can be 100 percent atheist. Continue reading

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America’s Ghost

unkkka-samIt was midnight ― pitch black, and I was descending a steep hill on my bicycle without a light. I had been fortunate so far; there had been ample streetlights. Now, however, as I hit the sharpest incline, the last streetlight faded behind me, and I hurtled down, squinting to pick out the white dashes in the center of the road. I wasn’t concerned about cars ― they would have headlights, which would solve my problem. Continue reading

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How People Change

How PeopleI’m reading a book called How People Change. When I looked at it, a little voice inside said, “Everyone wants to sell books and expand their sphere of influence. Everyone wants you to believe they’ve found some new approach to the age-old, universal obstacles. I thought this in spite of the fact that I’m reading it for a class that happens to be one of the biggest new ventures in my life. How can the same musty, cynical attitude surface even now? Continue reading

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Refiner’s Fire

refiners_fire250I’ve had a piece of metal in my hand for 10 years. I don’t remember how it happened, but I was working with something made of sheet metal and cut my hand open. At the time, I didn’t know I’d caught a sliver, so I just disinfected and bandaged it. It healed nicely. Sometime after it healed, I noticed there was still a distinct pain whenever I brought the palm of my hand against something I was working with. Continue reading

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There’s a Cain Inside All of Us

cain_and_abel_killStrangely, the story of Cain and Abel usually comes off sounding like that of a poor sap who makes an unfortunate blunder and then gets carried away by anger in the aftermath. But what really happened? Could there be more of Cain inside each of us than we care to admit?  Continue reading

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