Where Are You, God?

desertGod, why are you inaccessible? Are you avoiding humanity because of all the decay on Planet Earth? What kind of scourging must happen to me before my heart surrenders to you? Please bring it. Don’t hold back. Don’t spare me pain. Spare me the absence of meaning.  Spare me futility and emptiness. Spare me life without triumph and purpose.

About Douglas Abbott

I am a freelance writer by trade, philosopher and comedian by accident of birth. I am an assiduous observer of humanity and endlessly fascinated with people, the common elements that make us human, what motivates people and the fingerprint of God in all of us. I enjoy exploring the universe in my search for meaning, beauty and friendship. My writing is an extension of all these things and something I did for fun long before I ever got paid. My hope is that the reader will find in this portfolio a pleasing and inspiring literary hodgepodge. Good reading!
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3 Responses to Where Are You, God?

  1. Robin says:

    One of those days? Hope it improves.

  2. Don says:

    I heard of an interview with an athiest who was asked, “If you die and find out there is a God, what would you ask him.” The athiest replied, “God, why did you do such a good job of hiding.” I am sure there are people who can identify with that. I have thought and felt that way before, but I have also discovered that God can be found and I have found him – many times – when I got desperate enough to suspend all other pursuits for this one pursuit of God. He cannot resist showing up when we are desperate, and honest, and authentic about our need for something more that what this world offers. I know this from experience – not from some second hand script. David in the Psalms often expressed his doubts, fears, regrets, and then his relief and joy at rediscovering God each time. God has to be more than a philosophy, more than a theology, and more than a great idea. He has to be personal and real and able to touch us in that part of our soul where our pain is real and personal. If he is God and he did create us, then he knows what we need and how to meet that need. We are vessels created to hold God, and when we are full of other things there is no room. I must empty myself in order to be ready to receive him.

  3. Don says:

    Great sentiment Doug, and great prayer. I know you are one who will not be satisfied with powerless, mediocre Christianity. Keep seeking him radically until you are satisfied. Then you will have a testimony for the rest of us who need a touch from God as well. Actually, you already to have a testimony.

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