A Letter to a Failing Middle School

FingerI wrote a letter recently after witnessing an incredible display of antisocial behavior by several students at a local middle school. I haven’t decided whether I plan to send it. First, there may well be a strong backlash. That wouldn’t deter me if I believed it would do some good. But my letter would probably fall on deaf ears. The 60’s anti-authority movement has come back to bite us, but many people still aren’t ready to close Disneyland. The money is still flowing in America, we still have a fair amount of personal freedom, and bullets aren’t coming through our bedroom windows.

Yet. Continue reading

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Free Will: Myth or Reality?

free willSooner or later, every thinking Christian must attempt to reconcile the paradox of a sovereign, omnipotent Creator who governs a universe filled with free creatures. If God maintains control over the affairs of men, are we truly free? It’s a compelling question, one that is impossible to answer in a way that is fully satisfying. Continue reading

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Confronting Calvin

CalvinAn evening Bible study with some friends turned into an intense discussion recently. Sparks flew. There was the potential for unpleasantness, but no one said anything they would have to apologize for later. It ended just the way a discussion among Christian brothers and sisters ought to. Still, there was lingering discomfort afterward.

During our discussion, after I proposed there might be other ways for people to come to Christ besides hearing the gospel from a believer, Ben disagreed and went on to say that salvation is a sovereign act of God. Continue reading

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Goodbye, Joey

Joey First (2)I had to say goodbye to a friend on February 4th. While I set about writing this memoir, I am aware that a great many people knew and loved him. We all said the same thing: natural causes or not, he left too soon. But while the world is poorer for his absence, heaven is richer. Blessings and fondest regards to the family and friends of Joseph Bendickson.

I met Joey around 5 years ago when I went into the Milwaukie Teen Challenge thrift store. He was a student working his way Continue reading

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Thinking it Through

thinker_flickrDisclaimer: If you are offended by rational examination of cultural hot button issues, this article isn’t for you. This discussion is intended to ask simple questions as well as examine  preconceived ideas and practical outcomes associated with homosexual behavior. Keep in mind that God loves everyone and willingly condemns no one. The purpose is to show the way to better health, wisdom and harmony. Continue reading

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The New Racism


I’ve understood the new system for a number of years now, but I’ve never experienced it so directly. Continue reading

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Reflections on Psalm 119

Reflections on Psalm 119

I spoke with a friend recently about a persistent bout of the blues. She listened patiently, then suggested daily reading and journaling through Psalm 119. This was the result.   Continue reading

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